In certain circumstances we accept that rates liability can’t be removed by challenging rateable values and in such instances the only way to reduce liability is using empty rates mitigation. A robust scheme is an essential part of our comprehensive strategy to reduce liability and we work with best in class providers to deliver savings as part of an overall long term strategy.  The rates mitigation landscape is littered with a range of schemes with varying degrees of success and some are more likely to be challenged than others. We work extensively with Mothball, an established business with a 100% success rate, to provide a bespoke solution that combine the benefits of actions against rateable values with an extremely robust rates mitigation solution to produce a truly holistic approach to minimising empty rates liability.

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The Welsh assembly proposed changes to the empty rates rules from 1 April 2021 have been deferred until 2022. From that date the period of occupation required to reset the statutory void rates period will extend from 6 weeks to 6 months, bringing an end to rates mitigation through temporary occupation at a stroke. The Mothball process is exempt from this proposed change.

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