**Stop Press** Covid19 Update.

None of the measures announced by the governement cover empty property. Expanded Retail Relief doesn’t cover vacant properties other than those forced to close as a result of Covid19. Each situation needs specific advice tailored to the individual circumstances. There may be opportunities to reduce RV’s under certain circumstances as well as extend liability start dates on new properties. We can advise on a full range of measures including effective long and short term mitigation strategies where other avenues don’t exist.

New build properties approaching PC. With many offices now closed and building visits unlikely, what happens if the council serve a Completion Notice on your new scheme. If you have staff attending offices for post then make sure that Completion Notices are passed to the appropriate advisors for action within the 28 day window. We have successfully made out of time appeals but there is no guarantee that the tribunal will accept appeals where they have been served correctly.

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You need advice specific to your individual circumstances. Please call or email for bespoke advice for your company.


Minimising liability on empty property requires expert advice specific to this complex area of Business Rates. It’s a specialism within a specialism that requires intimate knowledge of the legislation, procedures and caselaw to produce the best results.

Whether you’re developing, redeveloping or just looking to reduce liability on existing buildings, we have the expertise to minimise your liability. We act for a range of Funds, Propco’s, Developers and High-Net-Worth Individuals across the UK and have extensive experience providing solutions to empty rates problems. Whether its deferring liability on new builds, deleting assessments whilst refurbishments underway or providing advice on robust, cost effective temporary occupation solutions – we provide advice tailored to your specific circumstances rather than a one size fits all solution. We have an approach to new builds that is unique and provides clarity on rates costs right from the outset.

We provide many of our clients with early advice on pre-acquisition or on development appraisals – an accurate assessments of business rates costs and some certainty can make a huge difference to the appraisal process.  In a period where alternative property uses are widespread we can also provide accurate alternative use values to help with both acquisitions and provide incoming tenants with comfort and the clarity that the rates will be at a lower level.


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