If you occupy a leasehold property then you should get professional advice when facing rent reviews, repairs/dilapidations or when exercising a break. Leases on commercial property’s rarely follow standard formats and the interpretation of terms, such as those relating to rent reviews or repair are often open to interpretation – with significantly different outcomes depending on the agreed meaning. Whether you’re facing a rent review, lease renewals or want to explore the benefit of renegotiate your lease then we have the expertise to help you.

If you have a lease renewal due then we can help you consider your options. What rent and other terms can be agreed at renewal? Is the building still fit for purpose? Are there alternative properties available and what deal could be struck? What are your building exit costs?

Breaks are an extremely sensitive subject would could be subject to strict compliance of complex terms. If you’re thinking of exercising a break then re recommend you seek early advice and we can support you through the whole process.

We’re happy to give your lease a ‘health check’ – just get in touch.


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