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“Merityre was contacted by Roberts Vain Wilshaw in the Autumn of 2019, about some savings that they were confident they could make on our behalf. Initially sceptical because of so many rating approaches over the years, further discussions revealed that this was something we hadn’t explored and one that could offer significant savings. Merityre appointed RVW and they have recovered many tens of thousands of pounds from our rates bills for 2019, with more potential savings in 2020. We would urge fellow NTDA members to listen carefully to their proposal.”

Noel Pope, Merityre Specialists
Ian Brown Tyres are an independent business operating from a Tyre & Exhaust Centre in a prominent location on an industrial estate in Malton, North Yorks. Ian Brown applied for Expanded Retail Discount under the revised government scheme but his application was declined. Ian asked his local councillors to get involved but the Senior Revenues Leader at Ryedale Council still refused to apply the discount. Stefan Hay of the NTDA introduced Ian Brown to Richard Roberts of Roberts Vain Wilshaw Chartered Surveyors who reviewed the councils response and identified that the rules had been incorrectly applied.  Richard Roberts of RVW said “It was clear from the council’s response that they had failed to interpret the legislation correctly. We were able to provide the correct interpretation and additional evidence to support the application”. The council have now reviewed their position and awarded 100% rates Relief for 2020/21.
Ian Brown said “We were getting nowhere with the council, even after getting local councillors involved Ryedale’s business rates team refused to accept our application.  Roberts Vain Wilshaw were able to step in and quickly demonstrate that the council were wrong. Their prompt action has secured us over £25,000 in rates savings”.