Retail Discount was announced by the Government in October 2018’s budget and was designed to help beleaguered retailers in England with a rateable value below £51,000. The relief is substantial, reducing rates liability by 33% in the 2019/20 and 2020/21 rate years without changing the rateable value of a property or needing to go through the long winded Check, Challenge, Appeal process.  The criteria for granting the relief has been inconsistently applied with wildly different approaches being taken across the country. The relief in Wales is capped at £2500 per property but has similar criteria.

Receiving the relief is dependent on the use to which the property is put rather than the rating list description and the Billing Authority have in most instances applied it automatically to the obvious recipients such as shops, café’s and retail warehouses.

Through our extensive knowledge of the rating system and ability to interpret the legislation we have been very successful in applying it to the less obvious recipients including builders merchants, tyre-bays, kitchen & bathroom showrooms, trade counters and even hand car washes. This is backed by extensive data and technology which has enabled us to build a nationwide database showing where relief has and hasn’t been granted. We’re unique in this ability to provide comparable evidence to support our applications and we have an extremely high success rate.

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