STOP! Before you submit rent, lease or ownership information to the Valuation Office Agency make sure you understand the implications.

 If you’ve arrived at this page then you will have received a request for information from the Valuation Office Agency about the lease or ownership of a property.

The VOA are responsible for producing and maintaining the Rating List which contains the rateable value of each property in England & Wales. They have statutory powers to collect rental information upon which rateable values are based. The information you provide could therefore have a direct impact on the rateable value of your property and ultimately the amount of rates that you pay.

 Leases are complex documents and it’s not always easy to understand the terms, their interaction and the intention of the parties when they were drafted. It’s can therefore be difficult to extract the relevant information. This complexity, combined with the ambiguous VOA questions means that care is required when providing any information. No two leases are the same and even minor differences can result in significantly different interpretation.  

 Common problems when submitting information to the VO include missing rent free periods and other concessions which would have a bearing on the analysis of the rent, failing to mention the connection between the parties to the lease or including fit-out expenditure on items that don’t have a bearing on the rating assessment. It’s a minefield.

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