Lease Consultancy

The rent payable is likely to be one of any businesses largest costs after staff and its therefore vital to ensure that it’s kept as low as possible.

We have seen on many occasions, how DIY negotiations by occupiers have a massive long term impact on cost. Specialist advice from RVW will ensure that critical occupational costs are kept to the absolute minimum – we combine excellent technical expertise with comprehensive market knowledge to ensure the best result at rent review or lease renewal.

Our market knowledge is enhanced by our unique ‘Core’ data platform that allows us to pinpoint the rental evidence across the country. We have all the ingredients to consistently produce outstanding results for our clients in a rapidly changing market.

Lease Re-gears

A ‘lease re-gear’ is a term referring to the renegotiation of lease terms during the term of a lease, rather than the traditional view that lease terms can only be varied at renewal. In practice the re-gear allows tenants to secure substantial rent free periods, fund improvements, trade away breaks that wouldn’t be exercised and limit future repair or reinstatement obligations, by giving the landlord something in return, usually an additional term commitment. From the landlords perspective, they receive a longer guaranteed income which enhances investment value – landlords are typically extremely willing participants. We restructure leases on a regular basis, obtaining substantial long term benefits for clients.




We act for a national motor parts company who occupy circa 190 premises throughout the UK

Agreed regears on over 45 properties with more ongoing.


Warrington client lease renewal 120,000 sq ft warehouse

Landlord quoted £875,000 p.a
We agreed £700,000 p.a

£1.75 million over the term of the lease

Rent review - Trafford park

Rent review – 65,000 sq ft warehouse, Trafford Park. Reviewed landlords agents evidence and sourced our own accurate comparable evidence. Undertook detailed negotiations and agreed a new revised.


Lease Consultancy

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