Property Data and Bespoke Analysis

Our ‘Core’ data platform aggregates data from over 300 sources to create a system with over 2.1m properties and 1.6m occupiers – an unrivalled source of information with a huge variety of uses from simple occupier identification through to building occupier portfolios and complex analytics. As well as utilizing this data for the benefit of our clients, we also license the data for use by clients for their own purposes or integrate with third party systems through API’s. We undertake bespoke projects to manipulate data to meet client requirements as well as providing a mechanism to manage opportunities. Unique, bespoke and unrivalled, Core provides a massive competitive advantage to both us and our clients.

Our data was first utilised by a large national asset management company in 2021 and has subsequently been integrated into their core systems by an API that we developed. It now forms the basis of extensive internal opportunity assessment, market profiling and identification of occupiers for voids within their existing portfolio.

Property Data

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